Dare to Age Well web resource

Continence promotion project work, that began as a Canadian linked NDA project, has been translated into an interactive web resource. This will allow many more older women to benefit from the evidence based advice and information that was made available in the project workshops

Dare to Age Well was a follow up from 'Continence across continents' and is part of the international ERA-AGE 2 Programme.

UK Dare to Age well was funded by the ESRC and is now complete. This randomised controlled trial has shown that the workshops are effective in raising awareness about continence issues, reducing stigma and improving continence status in older women.

The international programme, of which the UK project is one part, is still ongoing. On completion, the research team also hope to show reductions in falls and reduced health care costs in the intervention group.

The web resource for the UK provides access to written information, videos and downloadable tools with all the information that was made available during the continence promotion workshops. The research team are also developing Community continence champions scheme to enable volunteers to deliver the workshop in their local community.

Dare To Age Well website: https://daretoagewell.wordpress.com/

Contact: Eleanor.van.den.Heuvel@brunel.ac.uk

24 February 2017

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