The publication lists are in Principal Investigator's surname order. They include peer-reviewed journal articles, other journal papers, book chapters, working papers and conference papers.

Arber - SomnIA – Optimising Quality of Sleep Among Older People (docx, 326KB)

Astell - NANA: Novel Assessment of Nutrition in Ageing (docx, 339KB)

Bagley - A Combined Genetic and Small Molecule Approach to Studying the Role of p38/MK2 Stress Signalling Pathway in Human Premature Ageing Syndrome (docx, 314KB)

Barrientos - Ageing, Wellbeing and Development. A Comparative Study of Brazil and South Africa (docx, 340KB)

Bernard - Ages and Stages: The Place of Theatre in Representations and Recollections of Ageing (docx, 321KB)

Blane - Transitions, Choices and Health at Older Ages: Life Course Analyses of Longitudinal Data (docx, 305KB)

Bowling - Psychometric Testing of the Multidimensional Older People's Quality of Life (OPQOL) Questionnaire and the Causal Model of QoL Under-pinning it (docx, 73KB)

Cox - Towards Understanding the Biological Drivers of Cellular Ageing (docx, 78KB)

Damodaran - SUS-IT: Sustaining IT use by Older People to Promote Autonomy and Independence (docx, 352KB)

Gilhooly - Detecting and Preventing Financial Abuse of Older Adults: An Examination of Decision-making by Managers and Professionals (docx, 336KB)

Hallam - Promoting Social Engagement and Well-being in Older People through Community Supported Participation in Musical Activities (docx, 339KB)

Haslam - Working Late: Strategies to Enhance Productive and Healthy Environments for the Older Workers (docx, 334KB)

Hennessy - Grey and Pleasant Land? An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Connectivity of Older People in Rural Civic Society (docx, 343KB)

Kuh - Healthy Ageing Across the Life Course (HALCyon Project) (docx, 406KB)

Lloyd - Maintaining Dignity in Later Life: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study of Older People's Experiences of Supportive Care (docx, 297KB)

Lord - Synergistic Effects of Physical and Psychological Stress Upon Immunesenescence (docx, 289KB)

Macdonald - Innovation in Envisioning Dynamic Biomechanical Data to Inform Healthcare and Design Practice (docx, 336KB)

Maganaris - Biomechanical and Sensory Constraints of Step and Stair Negotiation in Old Age (docx, 289KB)

McCann - Design for Ageing Well: Improving the Quality of Life for the Ageing Population Using a Technology Enabled Garment System (docx, 332KB)

McInnes - New Metrics for Exploring the Relationship between Mobility and Successful Ageing (docx, 318KB)

Moynihan - MAPP-MAL: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Develop Prototype for the Prevention of Malnutrition in OP: Products, People, Places and Procedures (docx, 345KB)

Murphy - MAPP2030: Modelling Ageing Populations to 2030 (docx, 334KB)

Murray - Promoting Independence and Social Engagement among Older People in Disadvantaged Communities (docx, 321KB)

Newman - Contemporary Visual Art and Identity Construction - Well-being Amongst Older People (docx, 334KB)

Peace - Transitions in Kitchen Living (docx, 345KB)

Phillips - Older People's Use of Unfamiliar Space (docx, 321KB)

Stefanofska - Dynamics of Cardiovascular Ageing (docx, 348KB)

Steinsaltz - Trajectories of Senescence through Marcov Models (docx, 303KB)

Tew - Fiction and the Cultural Mediation of Ageing (docx, 307KB)

Thompson - MINA: Migration, Nutrition and Ageing Across the Lifecourse in Bangladeshi Families. A Transnational Perspective (docx, 321KB)

van den Heuvel - TACT3: Tackling Ageing Continence through Theory Tools and Technology (docx, 378KB)

Vera-Sanso - Ageing, Poverty and Neoliberalism in Urban South India (docx, 282KB)

Victor - Families and Caring in South Asian Communities (docx, 312KB)

Warren - Representing Self-Representing Ageing (docx, 351KB)

Wright - Landscapes of Cross-generational Engagement (docx, 318KB)