Novel assessment of nutrition and ageing.

Project overview

NANA was a three-year multidisciplinary research project using sensitively-designed technology to improve data collection and integrate information on nutrition, physical function, cognitive function and mental health to identify individuals at risk of under-nourishment and improve targeting of interventions.

This research aimed to not only improve measurement of nutrition, physical health, mental health and cognitive function but also improve our understanding of the interactions between these factors.

This is useful for informing strategies to prevent physical and mental decline in ageing, and improvements in the medical treatment and social provision for older people.

The toolkit has potential for commercial development primarily for use with older people but also for potential usage with other groups in the population that would benefit from comprehensive integrated assessment.

This project was linked to a Canadian Research Project funded by CIHR-IA.


NANA: Novel Assessment of Nutrition and Ageing (PDF, 578KB)

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Further information

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