Longitudinal data

Transitions, choices and health at older ages: life course analyses of longitudinal data

Project overview

The project examined paid employment and informal caring, and their various combinations, during the years around the State Pension Age (SPA); for example, part-time employment pre-SPA combined with caring for a disabled relative, or continuing paid employment post-SPA, either fulltime or part-time.

Health was examined as a precursor of these choices, as a component of such combinations and as one of their consequences. The study’s findings were relevant to pensions and labour market policy and to people’s decisions about how to use their early old age.

More specifically, life course analysis of the social patterning of work and caring around SPA had significance for two aspects of Opportunity Age, the government’s strategy on ageing

  1. fairness in work

  2. support and care


Transitions, choices and health in early old age: analyses of longitudinal data (PDF, 2.8MB)

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Further information

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